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St. John's UCC: A History

 St. John's came into being in 1894 when a group of German immigrants asked a neighboring minister, Rev. William Vollbrecht, to come to Burton and help a dozen interested families start the church. 

Rev. Volbrecht helped organize the founding fathers, in the home of Herman Knittle (a Burton merchant), in 1894. 

That year, the Rev. Herman Specht was chosen as pastor and a church building was erected on land purchased from August and Amalia Pfefferkorn. 

The church cemetery was established in the early 1900's. 

A new brick sanctury was built in 1951. 

The congregation changed it's name twice in it's history because of denominational mergers. 

Originally, St. John's Evangelical, it changed to St. John's Evangelical and Reformed in 1934. 

In 1957, the merger of the E&R church with the Congregational Christian churches, caused the name to change to St. John's United Church of Christ. 

The name causes some confusion with the "Church of Christ" here in the South, but the abundance of musical instruments, and the strong ecumenical flavor of the UCC quickly remind folks of the difference.

Christian Education has been a major priority for the church and today there are classes for all ages every Sunday morning, and offerings during the week. 

A new Family Life Center provides great educational and fellowship space for the church and the community.

The congregation continues to support a wide variety of local, national and foreign outreach programs. 

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Our Beliefs

Love of God and Love of Neighbor

No matter where you are or where you've been, You can grow closer to God

God encourages us to seek Justice and Mercy for all people throughout the world

God's Love and Mercy is Infinite

Jesus Christ is for Everyone

Our Staff

Rev. Darrin Holub


Rev. Darrin Holub, a native of Weimar, Texas began serving as the Senior Pastor at St. John's on July 1, 2019. 

He is a graduate of Bangor Theological Seminary and was ordained on April 30, 2000. 

Prior to being called into the ministry he served in the United States Army. 

His previous calls included serving Lyons Evangelical UCC/Friedens UCC (yoked congregations) and Christ United Church of Cypress. 

Pastor Darrin has been married to his wife Kim for over twenty five years and they have two sons and two grandchildren. 

In his spare time he enjoys fishing and baseball.


Mrs. Suzanne Kessler

Church Secretary  

Suzanne Kessler is a retired teacher who lives on a farm near Burton. 

She is married with 3 children and 2 grandchildren. 

She has been a Sunday School Teacher for over 20 years. 

Suzanne loves her job as a Church Secretary.


Denton Shippey

Media Production, Website Administration

Church Council

Dean Fuchs - President 

Clyde Englebrecht - Vice President

James Press - Secretary

Bill Comisky

Nikki Harmel

Jodell Hodde

Jeff Krolczyk

Tracy Matthies

Christy Moran

James Press

Barbara Saunders

Sue Schwartz

Co-Treasurer Ann Pape (Ex-Officio)

Co-Treasurer Larry Winklemann (Ex-Officio)